Statistics for St. Louis Vacant Properties

Properties that are possibly (score 30+), very likely (score 70+), and definitely vacant (LRA-owned or on city's Vacant Building Registry) based on a scoring algorithm that incorporates indicators from various city data sources including the Building Division, Forestry Dept, Citizens Service Calls, and Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). These statistics and the accompanying map are updated monthly. This resource was created by the St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative. For more about this project, visit the FAQ page.

Total Vacant Parcels*

Vacant Buildings

Vacant Lots

* There are an additional properties ( buildings and lots) which have at least one indicator of vacancy, but not enough to be included in the totals above. We refer to their vacancy status as "indeterminant" and they may be useful in identifying recent or early-stage vacancies.

Last 3 Years of Costs to the City

in unpaid property taxes

in billed Forestry maintenance fees

in unpaid vacant building fees & fines

Total: $

Neighborhoods With the Highest Relative Percentage of...
* Percentage of all neighborhood properties that have any unpaid taxes or fines and a vacancy score of 30 or higher.
Vacancy and Burden Breakdowns (city-wide)
Vacant Buildings (30+ vacancy score)
Vacant Lots (30+ vacancy score)
Land Reutilization Authority
Private Owners With 5+ Vacant Properties